How To Fest at The Louisville Free Public Library

Great article on LFPL’s How to Fest on Insider Louisville’s site. Come down and see all the great stuff there on Saturday. Two little tweeks to the article though – we are doing some workshops where people can learn a few of the things they will pick up at a Full Fledged Faire and Campbell was just ONE of the founders of the Faire – Lots of people played (and continue to play) really important roles in all of this! (they kindly changed it for us)

Without Rebecca we would have never had pretty postcards, posters and T-shirts. Without Brad we wouldn’t have had Maker connections and sanity. Without Kelby we wouldn’t have had the energy to keep going on all day. Without Garrett we wouldn’t have had a pool and fences. Without Juliet we wouldn’t have had racing marbles and other kid fun. Without Nelea we wouldn’t have had a Nerdy Derby. Ruth runs Social Media with the best. Without Lynn our make do section wouldn’t have been done. Without Elizabeth we wouldn’t have had a schedule or marketing the first year … (and then there is Bill, other Brad, other Elizabeth, other Rebecca, Charlton ….)

And the list continues

So the Louisville mini Maker Faire has a long list of mothers, fathers, grumpy uncles, god parents, fairy godparents ….

– Campbell

Calling all Volunteers! Have Saturday May 14th Free?

Volunteers needed!

As the Louisville mini Maker Faire gears up for our 2016 Faire, we have an immediate need for volunteers this Saturday (May 14th) to work with us at the Louisville Free Public Library’s How to Festival!
The gang from Maker Faire will be offering classes on:
How to solder
and makingMKLS01_pin_800x800_large Bristlebots





We will also be making and operating Trebuchets and Catapults, and having some fun with circuits.

We have instruction sheets, tools, parts … and experts will be there to help you and the kids.
Interested? Email to sign up for part of the day (or all if you have the stamina!)

And if you don’t have time to volunteer – drop by to see us or take one of the awesome classes being offered at the Main Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library.


Slideshow of 2015 Highlights

This gallery contains 22 photos.

Louisville Maker Faire 2015 Highlights and Quotes

“This Faire IS the future of Louisville.”  – Mayor Fischer

“I love the incredible energy and positive vibe all through your Maker Faire — there is nothing else like it.”

“I would have given anything to be able to go to something like this when I was a kid; I bet I’d be an engineer now.”