A Little Slice of Nerd Heaven!

1010894_10152025261019762_964974886_nWe are featured in an article by Insider Louisville. They wrote a summary of some of OUR ATTRACTIONS FOR THE FAIRE on Saturday, Sept. 19th:

● G­Force, a 130-foot wheeled sled you can ride, accelerating up to 2Gs
● Human Size Rock’em Sock’em Robots
● Collegiate Nerdy Derby – “No rules” Pinewood Derby – Make and Race a Car Yourself
● FIRST and VEX Robotics: ­Visitors can drive robots and see real teams in action
● 3D Printer Zoo – everything from a 16-foot behemoth to affordable education models
● River City Rocketry’s 12-foot tall, high­-powered rocket
● Maker Mobile ­32-foot trailer with CNC router, laser cutter, 3D printers
● GameDevLou -­ indie video games playable on­site
● KY Science Center -­ $5 admission and special maker activities
● KCD Kid Area ­- squishy circuits, catapult­-making, young makers and more
● Boat building competition hosted by Frazier History Museum
● Learn to solder stations
● Many of Louisville’s favorite food trucks (and beer/wine available)

Read the full article on Insider Louisville.

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