Louisville is for Makers

LouisvilleMadeLouisville is a place that makes things – appliances and their parts, cars and trucks.  GE, Nth Works, and Ford – you represent us well!

There are also crafters of bourbon barrel furniture.  Children who leave behind hand-drawn pictures tied with yarn and a feather at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.  The creators of the “Louisville Made” image at the top of this page.

And now there’s First Build – where a big company asks garage tinkerers for new ideas.  I mean – could you have even imagined this a decade ago?

Yes, Louisville is a city of Makers.  And a good thing too.  This is a city where visitors don’t have to look hard to see a unique soul.  It’s a place that draws you in with its inventiveness – and encourages you to try your hand at it as well.

Maybe the best place to witness this welcoming spirit is in September, when Makers of all stripes converge on NuLu to share, party, and make stuff.

Join us  September 27, 2014. www.makerfairelou.org




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