Quotes to chew on

With all the buzz about the maker movement, its hard not to pay attention. All buzz aside, there are real, tangible benefits to exploring, tinkering, creating, inventing, and making.  Here are few thoughts that inform and inspire. Enjoy!

“A tinkering disposition is something that tells you that the world is knowable; you can find out something about the world by yourself and you don’t have to be an expert in any one discipline to start.” Luigi Anzivino, Tinkering Studio at Exploratorium museum.

“…building rockets in the backyard, tinkering, playing with things. That created the interest and motivation to pursue science.” Dale Dougherty, editor of Make Magazine and founder of Maker Faire

“We as educators try to make our lectures engaging, but when we allow people to make something, it’s completely transformative. You don’t have to fight for kids’ attention when making.” Kylie Peppler, an assistant professor of learning sciences at IU, Bloomington, and the head of the Make to Learn Initiative

“Tinkering is the way that real science happens, in all its messy glory,” says Sylvia Martinez, co-author of the new book Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom.

“If you don’t get a chance to fail, if you don’t get a chance to try things and not get them right the first time, and you keep on doing it until you do get that specific kind of success, then you become so risk-averse that you in fact get an allergy to trying new things. “ Adam Savage, Mythbusters


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