What’s a “Makerspace”?


So, we have some projects from makerspaces, like HIVE13 and LVL1. What’s a makerspace? Also known as a “hackerspace”, they are typically a communal area where members can go to use shared equipment and tools. They can be non-profit cooperatives or for-profit co-working spaces. Typically Makers with other day jobs will congregate there to share projects, brainstorm together, and share their knowledge. Think of it as a YMCA for making stuff.

At the Louisville Mini Maker Faire we will have guests from at least two hackerspaces. LVL1 is Louisville’s hackerspace and have helped organize this Maker Faire. In addition to shared working space and regular meetups, this non-profit cooperative also offers software and hardware classes and occasionally hosts hackathons and other competitions.

This year LVL1 members will be bringing projects including RC Colonel Sanders, Mind over Melon (“Blow up a watermelon… WITH YOUR MIND”), Glowdium, Voxilator, and Butterscotch, the fire-breathing animatronic pony. The University of Louisville Rocketry Team also calls LVL1 home so we’ll have their award-winning rocket from last year’s NASA competition.

We also look forward to sharing projects from Cincinnati’s makerspace HIVE13 (rhymes with the Cincinnati area code 513, get it?) such as Galileo’s Finger and Life.

Finally, the Bosch Power Tool Drag Racing Triple Crown is a project put together by three hackerspaces: LVL1, Cincinnati’s HIVE13, and the Columbus Idea Foundry. All three cities will host races and we expect some racers from other cities at our Faire. The drag racing setup (control panel, “Christmas Tree” countdown lights, and track) has been made by participants at all three hackerspaces and will travel from Louisville to Maker Faires at Columbus and Cincinnati after our Faire.

For more information on how to get involved in LVL1, the Louisville makerspace, check out their website or ask them about it at the Maker Faire.

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