Learn about 3D Printing at the Louisville Mini Maker Faire

3D Printing, also known as “additive manufacturing”, has been called a breakthrough technology. It’s been called “the next industrial revolution“. And we’re going to have a bunch of it at the Louisville Mini Maker Faire.

In 3D printing, a machine squirts a thin layer of material onto the plate. Then another, of a slightly different shape. Then another. Building these up you can feed digital files into the printer and have them come out in 3D!

Below, check out the in-process items being printed onto the gold plate.


What’s great about this is that increasingly, you can make things to order. Measure your finger, plug the measurements into a program, and pop out a ring that fits you exactly. Print replacement parts for things you’ve bought. Researchers in Louisville are already working on printing heart tissue onto a frame – meaning someday you could print a new heart that fits only you.

Many companies manufacture these printers and we will have a great selection at the Maker Faire showing off what they can do.

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